Albuquerque Soaring Club

Advanced Training

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    Post license flight training and mentoring is oriented towards cross-country flight, FAI Badge flying, and competition racing, as well as moreadvanced FAA licenses. Cross country flying is one of the most rewarding experiences a pilot can have. Flying a silent, engineless aircraft long distance using nothing but a start from a 2,000 foot tow and the weather poses a challenge unique to soaring. It is also possible to further increase that challenge by competing in sailplane races to test your skills and your judgment against other pilots.

After you accumulate time in gliders, you may someday even wish to pursue an additional glider rating.  After the Private rating, the next step is a FAA Commercial Glider rating.  After the commercial rating you may choose to even earn your Certified Flight Instructor - Glider rating so that you may teach others to soar.


Beginning Cross Country & Badge Flying

Sailplane Racing