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Training with the Albuquerque Soaring Club provides a fun and low cost solution for learning to fly. Monthly dues cover expenses of routine maintenance, aircraft insurance, and other miscellaneous costs.  You will pay a tow fee for each flight you take. Additionally, there is a small hourly fee for the time that you spend flying club aircraft.  Our club instructors volunteer their time to teach you.

As a club member, in return you help keep the club operating.  Glider clubs are able to provide nice facilities and equipment at reasonable rates because all the members spend their time to help with the chores such as operations duty, spring cleaning, and keeping up with maintenance in and around the club house, hangar, and aircraft.

ASC Cost Structure - Updated February 7, 2015

warning: could be out of date!

  Dues and Fees
Monthly Dues $42-Non-Owner   $32-Owner
Initiation Fee $450
Missed Duty $75  Ops, Towpilots, Instructors
Demo Flights 30 minutes or shorter in duration.  Billed to Demo Pilot at non-owner rate.
Tows $16 plus $1.00 per 100ft.**
1400ft minimum

Aircraft Rental Non-Owner Owner
2-33, 1-26 $13/hr $21/hr
Libelle $20/hr $27/hr
Grob $23/hr $31/hr
Minimum, all 30 min 30 min