Albuquerque Soaring Club

Moriaty OLC Camp

Wow, what a week. The Moriarty OLC Camp has come and gone and it was a great success. Campers logged 92 flights for a total of 24867 points and 24183 km. That’s an average of 270 points and 262 km per flight. Average speed was 81 km/hr. The Air Force Academy racked up 28 flights for 7739 points over 7212 km at an average speed of 77 km/hr. Michael Graves had the longest camp flight scoring 584 points for a flight of 759 km at 102 km/hr. Steve Hill had the highest scoring flight with 666 points over 634 km at a speed of 130 km/hr. There were a total of ten landouts. The most harrowing landout was Curtis Wheeler’s amazing landing in the rocks adjacent to parking lot at the Santa Fe Walmart. The longest retrieve was Michael Graves at Roswell. A huge thank you to Casey Roberts for driving down to get Michael.
Overall there were 136 flights logged out of Moriarty between June 4 and June 10 for a total of 37505 OLC points over 36175 km at an average speed of 83 km/hr. Our own Billy Hill managed to score 2185 OLC points over 5 flights all while playing lead follow with the Air Force Cadets. Rolf Siebert, Mike Abernathy, Gary Rubus, Tony Smolder and Jim Cumiford all had outstanding flights.
Congratulations to Rick Kohler and Sundance Aviation along with Camp Director, Bob Hudson, and his outstanding staff of volunteers for hosting a safe and enjoyable camp. Thanks to volunteers Kathy Taylor, Jimmy Weir, Lizzy Roberts, Nyla Roberts, Mark Hawkins, Pete Vredenberg, Fidel Ramirez, Linda Hudson, and Mary Hawkins. And our Sundance tow pilots Rick Kohler, Brian Morrison, Dave, Jordie, and ASC tow pilots Tim Hawkins, Brad Funkhouser, Mike Stogner and Robert Mudd.

posted on: 2016-06-14