Albuquerque Soaring Club

January 2018 Letter from the President

I first would like to say hello as your new club president. I look forward to working on great things together and getting to know those of you that I have not met yet. Hello!

For more than a decade the club has benefited from the year round hard work of Bob Hudson as our president and intense, dedicated support from a select few. The transition of Bob to Geoff will be a significant one. While I have much experience leading programs and teams, I am incapable of providing that level of effort. I travel a bit (just flew my little Tiger back from working in Florida on Sunday) and am excited to start working in new offices we just completed in town along with the Google building on the airfield where we are still setting up. I am providing this information to let you know that I am going to rely on YOU (the members) more than Bob ever has. I think that we have a talented board but that our needs demand involvement from across our ranks.

First on the agenda (and the primary reason for sending this email) is that we currently do not have our annual banquet from 2017 scheduled. I wanted to create a committee within the board but, inline with previous events, their suggestions and Connie's "get it done" persona this turned into Connie finding us some dates at the Cooperage. This could work and it may be precisely what we do. However, I am looking to put together a committee for this important event and have them decide timing and location along with other important aspects of the event.

While I enjoy the snow (where is it?), I am very much looking forward to warmer weather, soaring but, more immediately, our banquet. Please do not see this as delaying this important event but as starting the process to involve members more and lay the foundation for a solid event for next year.

We really need member volunteers to step forward to help with this premiere celebration of club accomplishments. If you are willing to help plan the annual banquet, please email me at with your contact information. I am specifically looking for help from three to six individuals to determine where and when, budget for activities and help put together the presentation. Also (if that isn't enough), I am looking for this same group to schedule and book the event for 2018's banquet to get us ahead of the game for next year.

Geoff Aiken (MQ)

posted on: 2018-01-25