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2018 OLC Results - Moriarty Soaring Wins Gold League!

Congratulations to our pilots for taking back first place in the Gold League after losing last year to Boulder! There were some tough weeks with our weather (wind, rain...smoke) as usual but our fast pilots (helped by those willing to travel) put us in first place right off the bat and held that position for the entire season. Boulder slotted in second mid-season while TSA and the rest of the 17 clubs were swapping positions throughout.

To put our team's speed into perspective- My fastest flight of the year averaged 104 km/h (104 index ship) which is faster than any Speed-OLC average out of 5th place Houston...ALL of Dan Mockler's flights combined (110 index ship) AVERAGED 139 km/h (86 mph)! At 86 mph that means he flew for 97 hours at a speed faster than will give you a ticket on I-40 while headed to our hangar. No uber ship there either. We have some fast pilots! The iron butts of Gary Rubus - 173 hours, Bill Hill - 145 hours, Dan Marotta - 121 hours, Ingo and Rolf both with 104 hours also helped in the myriad of other OLC categories. Gary flew almost halfway around the world if you add up his scored miles with Bill Hill not too far behind.

We also did quite well in the IGC-OLC World League finishing 8th in the world. Clubs from Australia, Germany and Chile filled the rest of the top 10. The next highest North American club was Minden Soaring at 26th. Our club also received 2nd for the Club League (25th Worldwide) and 3rd for Club (34th Worldwide)

Our beloved homeport of Moriarty also came out on top with 1st Airfield in the nation (36th Worldwide), 1st again (29th Worldwide) for League Airfield, 1st in Carne Adobada and 1st in Craft Beer (okay, perhaps those last two categories are not actually scored by the Online Contest Team in Germany).

Here is how our local pilots finished the season- In the Champion (SSA - OLC) category Mike Abernathy came in 6th (108th Worldwide) with Dan Mockler taking 8th (122nd Worldwide). In the Champion Speed category Dan Mockler took 3rd (3rd Worldwide!) followed by Bill Hill in 7th (17th Worldwide) along with the team contributions of Ingo Andresen in 8th (16th Worldwide). Mike Abernathy had the 8th Best Flight (131st Worldwide). Finally in All Flights Gary Rubus took 8th (149th Worldwide) with Bill Hill taking 10th (179th Worldwide).
Stay tuned for articles by higher quality writers with wider circulation.

I cannot wait to see the flights you have in the 2019 season that starts...NOW!

See you at Oktoberfest on Saturday flying out there!
Prez Geoff Aiken (MQ)

posted on: 2018-09-25