Albuquerque Soaring Club

12/01/18 - Southwest Soaring Museum - ASC Needs You!

We request your presence and participation as members at 1000AM on Saturday, December 1st in the Southwest Soaring Museum. We also need you to run for our volunteer club positions. Due to the two-term limit passed in 2017, the positions of Vice President, Treasurer and one Director at Large will be vacant. Please also take a look at the other board positions of President, Secretary and the second Director at Large. We also desperately need real help filling the roles essential for maintenance, membership, Towlines resurrection (we have plenty of content and contributors), webpage and events. Please email or talk with any of our club's officers if you are interested in helping with any of our officer roles or simply speak up when you come to this 12/1 meeting.

We also will show and discuss the club financials, your vote results and what we are doing to move forward. Coffee and breakfast items will be provided at the Southwest Soaring Museum.

Be the future of our club!

posted on: 2018-11-20