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Becoming a Glider Pilot

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It might take as little as 20 or as many as 50 or more flights with an FAA certified instructor to solo a glider depending on how frequently you fly and how quickly you are able to master the required maneuvers.  For a beginning pilot, a flight usually only consists of takeoff, aerotow, gliding, pattern entry, and landing.  Such a flight might be only 15-20 minutes long.  As you become more proficient, you might extend your time in the air by working some lift while practicing coordinated flight.

After solo, an FAA Private Glider Certificate can usually be earned within a few months.  You must pass a written exam, an oral exam with an FAA designated examiner, and a flight test with the examiner.  Then, you are free to take passengers with you in the glider or begin to attempt some basic cross country soaring.

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