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Dude! That's awesome. The Arcus is an awesome ship huh?

Small world. I flew the same distance on Feb. my little flapless, span challenged kiddy glider A bit faster (123kmph), but with blue skies and in mountain wave.
Wave in NM, what's not to like about that!

OK- So I am going to rub it in. I flew a 479 km triangle with Trevor Hancock in his Arcus M on March 8. We self launched from the Grampians Soaring Club aerodrome in Ararat, Victoria, Australia. Not real fast (100 km/h) but a very nice 5 hour flight. Late in the day, thermals were 10 kts to 10,000 ft. MSL. Field elevation is 1,000 ft. MSL. Could have gotten higher, but 10K is the legal limit if you don't have O2 in Oz.

No OLC points for Moriarty Soaring, since it was his aircraft, but it was fun anyway.

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