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And Rick has finished all the work he can (wings, etc) and has been waiting and ready for the fusalauge for just over a year and a half. That fuse has major issues. (Crop dusting chemicals and metal don’t mix well).

Just for general information for I wanted to give club members the date that Sundance started work on recovering our towplane. At the board meeting in early Oct 2014 we agreed to let Rick recover our plane to help assure that he had plenty of work to get him through the slow winter months of that year. He agreed to finish our plane for the following soaring season. He agreed to a price of $27,000. He asked for two thirds of the money to get started with materials. On Oct 23, 2014 he cashed our first check for $9,000. On Jan. 28, 2015 he cash our second check for $9,000. Currently Steve Hill is working on the frame. Today is March 16, 2018.

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