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Myself and Steve Hill are contemplating making one or more straight-out cross-country flights this year. Others are welcome to talk with either of us about this, as well as make the flights themselves.


1. Challenge of long distance, straight-out flight
2. Moriarty pilots can compete for the Henry Combs trophy
3. Good training on being a ground crew for cross-country flights, or retrieves from out-landings by Moriarty pilots.

To accomplish this, we need ground crew volunteers. This is a great way to learn more about this aspect of soaring, and helps the novice to gain an appreciation of what goes into the planning for such a flight - weather, logistics, retrieves, etc.

Ideally, ground crew would be able to crew on a one or two day notice any day of the week. It is possible to plan farther ahead, but the lead time can be scant when forecasts change for the better.

A ground crew member needs to think of a day on the road pulling the glider trailer (so some experience pulling a trailer is helpful), helping the pilot via radio, able to navigate from point-to-point, endure a possible overnight stay somewhere not exactly exotic, but with gas, food and lodging paid for by the pilots.

Any volunteers, any interest?

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