Albuquerque Soaring Club

Moriarty Wave Window Information:

A map to print out and keep in your cockpit in the winter

Agreement letter with Albuquerque Center

A file that can be imported into SeeYou to view the window.  Here are the instructions:

1. Right click on the above link and choose, "Save as..."
2. Save file to C:\Program Files\TeamCu\SeeYou20\Airspace
3. Open SeeYou
4. Choose "Tools -> Airspace -> Add"
5. Browse for the file, location should be as where you just saved it
6. In the Airspace dialog box, make sure the box next to "Glider Sector" is checked.
7. Press OK in the Airspace dialog box
8. To turn airspace on and off, click on the little "A" button in the lower left of the SeeYou screen.

GNII users, two files that can be used with your PDA:


Take a look at wave forecast data from October 18, 2004:

Also: October 14, 2004