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New Mexico Governors shutdown directive
New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has ordered all non-essential businesses and non-profits to close effective 8:00 am Tuesday, March 23, 2020. All ASC operations are therefore suspended until the order has been lifted. Let's all hope and pray that it will be lifted sooner rather than later.

I will discuss what other measures the club should take with the board online. I know that some of our members may be at least temporarily out of work and that many people in New Mexico will be ......continued...
posted on: Mar 23, 2020

First Soaring Seminar of 2020-Tuesday March 3
The Albuquerque Soaring Club will be kicking off it's 2020 Summer Seminar series on Tuesday, March 3 at 6:30 pm at the Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center located at 501 Elizabeth St SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123. Bill Hill will be speaking about Flying in Wave. This presentation is open to everyone, not just club members.

Anatomy of the Mountain Wave
•Mountain wave is insidious and not readily recognized without proper study.
•Conditions can exceed the climb performance of ......continued...
posted on: Feb 26, 2020

2020 Albuquerque Soaring Club gala will be Saturday January 18
The 2020 Albuquerque Soaring Club gala will be Saturday January 18 at the Courtyard by Marriott, Journal Center (Paseo & I-25). Reception at 6:00, dinner at 7:00. We have planned an exciting evening. Our guest speaker will be Col. (ret) Richard Graham.

Col Graham flew the world’s fastest and highest flying aircraft, the SR-71 Blackbird, for 7 years during his 25 year Air Force career. He also flew 210 combat missions in Vietnam as an F-4 fighter pilot and Wild Weasel pilot. His many mili ......continued...
posted on: Jan 3, 2020

15 SSA Junior/Youth Flight Training Scholarships Available
The SSA's Junior/Youth Committee is pleased to announce it will be awarding an estimated fifteen (15) $2,000 SSA/Purduski/Costello Flight Training Scholarships in 2020 (for student pilots ages 13-24), plus two (2) $1,000 Bultman Awards. Applications are available here:
Scholarship Application Deadline is March 31, 2020. #USJuniorSoaring #SoaringSocietyofAmerica #aviationscholarships
posted on: Jan 3, 2020

New Web Page Under Development
Due to an upgrade to PHP platform to v7.3.x, our old webpage is about to become permantly obsolete. It was long past due for a refresh anyway. Many of the members only functions are being ported to Schedule-Now. Meanwhile, a new public website is under development. Check it out at

posted on: Oct 22, 2019

OLC Celebration and Meeting at The Sandbar in Albuquerque
Tuesday 10/29 @ 530PM
Join us at The Sandbar in Albuquerque!

Congratulations to our pilots that led Moriarty Soaring to first place in the Gold League again! We would like to celebrate with you and invite the other local OLC pilots to join in this celebration. The Sandbar in Albuquerque is so impressed with the flying that they have reserved a section for us on Tuesday 10/29 starting at 530PM.

This will serve as a General Membership Meeting where we plan to provide more details on our mem ......continued...
posted on: Oct 17, 2019

Weather Balloon Launch!
It's exciting, it's fun and it is balloon season! The National Weather Service has agreed to host us starting at 430PM on Thursday October 10th for a tour. This tour will feature a balloon launch and an overview of how we get the foundation for our soaring weather forecasts. They will also cover new satellite feeds and tools for us glider pilots. You may also hear some people and see some phrases that get repeated on METARs, TAFs and your TV channels. This was a lot of fun last year. The event i ......continued...
posted on: Oct 1, 2019

07/13 Parachute Session - 0900 Clubhouse
Our new 1-26 has been checked out and flown, 10Z is making tows and we have an exciting safety session for you on parachutes that just might save your life. Please join us at 0900 in the clubhouse on Saturday to learn more and hear about our plans for instruction going forward.
posted on: Jul 12, 2019

07/06 Ground Ops for You!
If you missed the pancakes, don’t despair. We have another exciting event for you this Saturday starting at 0900 in the club house. Connie Buenafe will be leading our ground ops training and kicking off this Summer’s Saturday Safety Sessions. We will be standing down Ground Ops and need you to attend for this informative hour session followed by Q&A. If you cannot make it, we will send you some less fun slides. Please do not miss! The following week will be on parachutes and survival. These ......continued...
posted on: Jul 1, 2019

Saturday Morning Pancakes!
This is just a reminder to join your fellow members for pancakes at the clubhouse tomorrow morning (06/29) starting at 0930. Do we have a new aircraft? Is there a new propeller on 10Z? Do we have some exciting Saturday sessions planned for you? Come check things out for yourself. This will be our second general membership meeting of the year. Maybe even vote on stuff!
posted on: Jun 28, 2019

2019 ASC Gala on February 16th Featuring Maj. Gen. Brian Bishop EDIT
Join us at the Courtyard Marriott Albuquerque for drinks starting at 6PM followed by dinner at 7PM. We will update you on the status of the club and present awards with nostalgic pictures. We had SR-71 pilot and author, Col. Rich Graham booked as our gala speaker. Unfortunately, Col. Graham had emergency eye surgery this week. He will be on motion restrictions for several weeks and can't make the event. Bob and Laurie put the word out to the airshow community and we now have another A-list sp ......continued...
posted on: Feb 5, 2019

trade an OPS day
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trade an OPS day
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Wing ding on 10Z
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OPS date trade
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The Albuquerque Soaring Club (ASC), established in 1960 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is currently headquartered at the Moriarty Municipal Airport located in Moriarty, New Mexico. Moriarty is located in the heart of the Estancia Valley, 35 miles east of Albuquerque. The club has approximately 80 active members, has two Piper Pawnee tow planes, four club gliders including a Schweizer 2-33A, a Grob 103, a Schweizer 1-26E, and a Libelle 201. Club members also own approximately 40 private ships ranging from 1-26s to a Duo-Discus.

Moriarty boasts some of the finest year round soaring conditions in the United States, including 15 knot thermals to 22,000 ft, mountain wave to 34,000 ft, and orographic lift off the Manzano, Sandia, Ortiz, and Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges. Many flights in excess of 300 miles are recorded each year.

ASC has hosted two SSA Conventions in 1991 and 2000, the 1996 National Standard Class Championships, the 1995, 2005 & 2009 1-26 Association National Championships and two Region 9 Championships. The ASC also heavily supported two Region 9 Super Regionals held in 2011 and 2012. At the 1995 1-26 Championships, the highest contest speed ever recorded, 65 mph, over the longest task ever called, 138 mi., was set. Many pilots have achieved all of their soaring diamonds out of Moriarty, including three pilot who earned all three diamonds in 1-26s.

Moriarty airport is also home to the United States Southwest Soaring Museum, and has a commercial glider operation, Sundance Aviation.

The principal mission of the Albuquerque Soaring Club is to:

  • Promote the sport of soaring
  • Provide the facilities necessary to allow Albuquerque area glider rated pilots the opportunity to soar
  • Provide safe and reasonably priced equipment to it's members
  • Provide ongoing training and education to it's members
  • Provide for the growth of the ASC by recruiting and training new members
  • Promote fellowship through club sponsored social events
  • Be a "good neighbor" to the town of Moriarty and its residents

ASC 50 Year History (presented at the Feb 2010 by Renny Rozzoni)


Albuquerque Soaring Club