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12/01/18 - Southwest Soaring Museum - ASC Needs You!
We request your presence and participation as members at 1000AM on Saturday, December 1st in the Southwest Soaring Museum. We also need you to run for our volunteer club positions. Due to the two-term limit passed in 2017, the positions of Vice President, Treasurer and one Director at Large will be vacant. Please also take a look at the other board positions of President, Secretary and the second Director at Large. We also desperately need real help filling the roles essential for maintenance, m ......continued...
posted on: Nov 20, 2018

Please Join Us! - November 17-18 Turkey Trot Soaring Safari
We are reviving a fun soaring safari tradition that many members remember with fondness. One already plans to attend from over 500 miles away! Please join us for our 2018 Turkey Trot Soaring Safari this November 17-18.

White Sands Soaring Association will be hosting us down at the Alamogordo White Sands Regional Airport. We plan to fly on Saturday. You can drive down on Friday or join the caravan on Saturday to arrive in time. That evening WSSA will be providing a turkey dinner with beer, wi ......continued...
posted on: Nov 6, 2018

SSA CFI-G Scholarships available
The SSA is pleased to announce a new scholarship program for CFI-Gs. This program was kick-started by an initial generous donation from John Weber and others. The goal is to generate more CFI-Gs at clubs, which will then help foster club growth.

The basic elements of the program:
· SSA will offer 13 scholarships for $1500 each to be used to offset applicant’s expenses in becoming a CFI-G.
· The scholarship can be applied toward an initial CFI-G certificate, or an add-on ......continued...
posted on: Nov 1, 2018

National Weather Service Launch, Tour and Discussion
We still have spaces for this Thursday's event! This is a reminder to please RSVP and come experience a weather balloon launch i.e. the key to our soaring forecasts. The launch will be followed by a tour of the NWS Forecast Office with discussion to follow led by local Aviation Products and Services Program Lead David Craft. If you cannot leave work in time, you can arrive after the balloon launch.Please RSVP to as soon as possible to get your spot(s).

Also, David will be ......continued...
posted on: Oct 8, 2018

2018 OLC Results - Moriarty Soaring Wins Gold League!
Congratulations to our pilots for taking back first place in the Gold League after losing last year to Boulder! There were some tough weeks with our weather (wind, rain...smoke) as usual but our fast pilots (helped by those willing to travel) put us in first place right off the bat and held that position for the entire season. Boulder slotted in second mid-season while TSA and the rest of the 17 clubs were swapping positions throughout.

To put our team's speed into perspective- My fastest fli ......continued...
posted on: Sep 25, 2018

9/30 Kolstad Youth Scholarship Application Deadline
The Soaring Society of America, of which we are now a proud Chapter, offers a $5000 scholarship to our youth pilots for the college of their choice. If you qualify and are interested in $5000 for school, please get your application in on time following the directions at this link-
posted on: Sep 25, 2018

Live Aircraft Tracking - September 22 Safety Training Session
We are very excited about the work that Mark Hawkins and Mike Abernathy have done so that we can track flights in our valley. They will be discussing the current tracking system and the future starting at 0930 in our clubhouse at Moriarty this Saturday. This has major implications for our ground and flight operations.

We will see you on Saturday and safe flying out there!
Prez Geoff Aiken (MQ)

Please also RSVP to Mary for Oktoberfest on the 6th! This social event will be $20 at the door ......continued...
posted on: Sep 18, 2018

AOPA Santa Fe Fly-In
Please invite your friends and come visit us on Friday or Saturday at the ASC booth in the exhibit hall!

Schedule and details in the link below-
posted on: Sep 13, 2018

New Officer and Upcoming Events
I am excited to announce that Jon Daffer has agreed to help our club by serving in the officer role of Chief Instructor. The position was vacant since Stan Roeske stepped down on August 1st. Note that this is not a role that Jon is unfamiliar with and please welcome him. During the coming months he will be helping to coordinate instruction with existing students, considering use of outside resources, troubleshooting a loss of some potential new members that were told not to join due to our curre ......continued...
posted on: Aug 21, 2018

Aux Vaches - August 4 Safety Training Session
Our next session “Aux Vaches” is focused on landing out and will be 0930-1030 followed by 30 minutes for discussion on August 4th in the clubhouse. This and all safety training sessions now qualify for FAA WINGS credit. Bill Hill and I will be hosting this one along with some other veterans of landing places other than homeport. This session is MANDATORY for those wishing to be checked out for using club equipment for cross country flights.

Thanks again to Larry for hosting our first safe ......continued...
posted on: Aug 3, 2018

ASC Gala
Please join us for our annual Gala event on Saturday, May 26, 2018 at 6:00 p.m. Please review the below details related to location and entrees. Please let us know how many in your party will be attending, select your entree(s) and RSVP no later than Wednesday, May 23rd to

Parking will be available at the High Noon Restaurant & Saloon and hotel lot across the street.

Location: High Noon Restaurant & Saloon, 425 San Felipe Street Northwest, Albuquerque, NM 87104
posted on: Aug 1, 2018

Renard R. Rozzoni III Final Glide
On July 10th we lost an outstanding long term member of our Moriarty airport and soaring community. LTC Renard R. Rozzoni III (3R), or just “Renny” as he was known to everyone, died on impact in his Schempp-Hirth Ventus-3FES electric motor glider. I could say that Renny was my friend and hangar mate but that would be an understatement as well as perhaps misleading. Renny was a friend to perhaps everyone he met and offered all flavors of entertaining and educated discussion and advice on the ......continued...
posted on: Jul 15, 2018

Bail Out, Bail Out, Bail Out! - July 21 Safety Training Session
Starting at 0930 on Saturday July 21st Larry Richardson will be leading an UPDATED safety training session that will focus on the selection, use and accessories associated with parachutes. Before deciding if you would like to attend, you might ask yourself-

Is this still relevant and do I care? Utah News Video

Do I need prior instruction and/or Capewells to collapse a parachute? D ......continued...
posted on: Jun 29, 2018

ASC Taco Fiesta
The Albuquerque Soaring Club invites you to come celebrate the start of the soaring season at Connie's hangar (right across from the club house) on Saturday, July 7, 2018 @ 6:00 pm.

For $15.00 per person there will be a serve yourself taco bar with all the fixings, beer, wine, and best of all great fellowship.

As always we request a RSVP so we know how much food to buy. Send RSVP to
posted on: Jun 19, 2018

Survey Results
Here are the main takeaways-
1. We have gained our members by word of mouth/friends and rides.
2. You really want us to invest club resources for recruiting new members and offer primary training.
3. You want us to look at modernizing equipment/the fleet.
4. There is support for a reduction in Ops November through April.

The majority of our membership has spoken and our board is listening (and has already taken some action). We have placed the survey results in the members section along w ......continued...
posted on: Mar 29, 2018

Gala Committee
Those that have volunteered and are starting to shape our Gala and that of next year are Wendy Carson, Steve Merlan, Tom Tichy and Trentan Cammack. Mitch Hudson and JD Huss are also helping with the awards. Please thank them for their help and offer any assistance if you can as they get started.
posted on: Mar 29, 2018

ASC Member Survey
We put together a short, anonymous ASC Member Survey because we need your inputs. Please fill the survey out as soon as possible so that we are making the changes that best serve the current and future membership.

The link is below and in the email sent earlier.

Su Nuevo Prez Geoff Aiken (MQ)
posted on: Feb 20, 2018

January 2018 Letter from the President
I first would like to say hello as your new club president. I look forward to working on great things together and getting to know those of you that I have not met yet. Hello!

For more than a decade the club has benefited from the year round hard work of Bob Hudson as our president and intense, dedicated support from a select few. The transition of Bob to Geoff will be a significant one. While I have much experience leading programs and teams, I am incapable of providing that level of effort. ......continued...
posted on: Jan 25, 2018

2018 Board Members
President Geoff Aiken (first term)
Vice President Mary Hawkins (second term)
Secretary Connie Buenafe (first term)
Treasurer Tim Hawkins (second term)
Director at Large Bob Hudson (first term)
Director at Large Jim Cumiford (second term)

The members voted to ammend the bylaws to introduce term limits for the board. No member is allowed to serve in a given position for more than two consecutive years. Members who have served for two years may be elected to a different board position, or ......continued...
posted on: Jan 25, 2018

Congratulations Andres!
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Congratulations Marco!
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Oktoberfest Saturday Oct. 6
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Taco Fiesta
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The Albuquerque Soaring Club (ASC), established in 1960 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is currently headquartered at the Moriarty Municipal Airport located in Moriarty, New Mexico. Moriarty is located in the heart of the Estancia Valley, 35 miles east of Albuquerque. The club has approximately 80 active members, has two Piper Pawnee tow planes, four club gliders including a Schweizer 2-33A, a Grob 103, a Schweizer 1-26E, and a Libelle 201. Club members also own approximately 40 private ships ranging from 1-26s to a Duo-Discus.

Moriarty boasts some of the finest year round soaring conditions in the United States, including 15 knot thermals to 22,000 ft, mountain wave to 34,000 ft, and orographic lift off the Manzano, Sandia, Ortiz, and Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges. Many flights in excess of 300 miles are recorded each year.

ASC has hosted two SSA Conventions in 1991 and 2000, the 1996 National Standard Class Championships, the 1995, 2005 & 2009 1-26 Association National Championships and two Region 9 Championships. The ASC also heavily supported two Region 9 Super Regionals held in 2011 and 2012. At the 1995 1-26 Championships, the highest contest speed ever recorded, 65 mph, over the longest task ever called, 138 mi., was set. Many pilots have achieved all of their soaring diamonds out of Moriarty, including three pilot who earned all three diamonds in 1-26s.

Moriarty airport is also home to the United States Southwest Soaring Museum, and has a commercial glider operation, Sundance Aviation.

The principal mission of the Albuquerque Soaring Club is to:

  • Promote the sport of soaring
  • Provide the facilities necessary to allow Albuquerque area glider rated pilots the opportunity to soar
  • Provide safe and reasonably priced equipment to it's members
  • Provide ongoing training and education to it's members
  • Provide for the growth of the ASC by recruiting and training new members
  • Promote fellowship through club sponsored social events
  • Be a "good neighbor" to the town of Moriarty and its residents

ASC 50 Year History (presented at the Feb 2010 by Renny Rozzoni)


Albuquerque Soaring Club